La Macchia Group is committed to the success of our financial partners.  More than design/build, our business is building yours.  

Our goal is to transcend "vendor" status and become a PARTNER in our client's growth story.  Here, our partners share what it's like to work with us.


"I don't think enough can be said for choosing the right strategic partner.  They nailed the vision." 

-Sharon Anderson, CEO, Williamstown Bank

How it all began:

Since our founding in 2002, La Macchia Group has remained entirely focused on financial facilities. Founders Ralph and Mary Lou La Macchia leveraged their unique understanding of the financial industry to identify the ever-important difference makers that elevate our clients’ projects above their competitors.

Previously the CFO of a financial institution, Mary Lou leveraged her understanding of financial data and decision-making needs to craft La Macchia Group’s approach, specifically in helping leaders understand the financial impact of facility-related projects. Ralph has been in the financial facility design/build sector for over 30 years, bestowing years of know-how throughout the organization and championing leading-edge design.  

As an industry partner, we also believe it's important to share helpful information with everyone, especially in times of uncertainty.  We enjoy sharing ideas that inspire financial leaders to think differently about their growth strategies and where they can find opportunities.   

Find opportunities to grow your financial institution

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Growing to better serve the industry:

La Macchia Group has since grown from a single-state design/build firm focused on branch construction, to a nationally recognized firm that specializes in forward-thinking, turnkey solutions that support a financial institution's strategic growth initiatives. As the needs of the industry evolved, so has our approach and the services we offer our clients:

  • Seeing a need among smaller and medium-sized financials, we grew our team of experts and began offering market analyses to identify the most lucrative opportunities for new and existing branch facility investments to accelerate growth and retention. 
  • We expanded our support into identifying and securing optimal real estate for our clients, helping them find opportunities they may not have discovered on their own.
  • To help our clients better express themselves and connect with their own target markets, we launched our award-winning rebranding services.
  • Most recently La Macchia Group started Vivalociti, a division which focuses entirely on creating engaging and tech-savvy spaces, integrating unique hardware solutions and branded content into retail lobby and office environments. 

Always seeing ourselves on the cutting edge of financial institution design and construction, this invariably involves other disciplines to help transform spaces into employee-focused facilities that engage users and drive retention, growth, and profitability.  We are creating the branch of the future NOW. 

How do we do it? 

By building an amazing team committed to supporting our clients and each other, eager to find new and exciting ways to help evolve the financial services industry. 

Interested in learning more?  Contact us today to discuss how we can support your growth. 

Sound like a great place to work?  It is!  Take a look at our open positions and grow your career with us.