Your voice, your mission, your impression on your consumers and community; This is the essence of your Brand. 

During this phase, we define your brand and strategize how to communicate it clearly and consistently at every consumer touchpoint. We help you make a bold business statement and create an engaging consumer experience.

Analysis + Strategy

Using socioeconomic data, we connect your target demographic to your brand. By uncovering your target market, digging deeper into their personas - from spending habits to lifestyles - we can then identify your Brand DNA. Your Brand DNA is that emotional, experiential connector between you and your consumers. Our team takes your Brand DNA to create a brand strategy that is consistent, clear and reflected in your facility.

Identity + Design

What is the key differentiator between you and your competition? Your brand.
We create and implement unique branded identites that put you ahead of your competition. 
From logo design and tagline development to establishing language style, our team provides you a complete Brand ToolKit to accurately and effectively integrate  your brand in your facility to appeal to your target market.

Brand Activation

Your new brand is ready to be made public, but how do you effectively launch your new identity? Our team is here to help. 

We will develop a custom Brand Activation Plan that will guide you on how to best implement your new Brand to your staff, consumers, and community. From marketing materials to social media to events, we can assist you with a smooth brand roll-out.

Brand Activation