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From research to real estate and branding to building — we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re looking to drive growth in an existing market, expand into new communities or accommodate your growing team, our experts will help you meet your goals and deliver an experience worth raving about.

Our analysts, designers, construction managers and branding gurus work side by side with your team helping you to understand your options and make decisions you feel confident in. We’re here to help your financial institution grow, delighting your customers and staff with 360° brand expressions.


Grow your markets strategically

It’s hard to make your first move if you don’t understand the neighborhood you’re building in or the space you’re building out. La Macchia Group evaluates the risk and potential return of each opportunity in your current and future markets using the latest market information and your own performance data.

There is no cookie-cutter approach. La Macchia Group will analyze the conditions and consumer profiles in each of your target markets, gather the unique perceptions of your target audience, and evaluate them in context of your business performance to identify your best growth opportunities. As your partner, we weigh the risks and potential return of a variety of moves to ensure we can deliver the best ROI long before pens hit paper or shovels hit dirt on your project.


Discover your financial institution’s DNA

We dive deep for the demographics that enable you to delight your target audience.  From spending habits to family dynamics, we help you understand your customers so you can speak their language and make them feel at home within your space.

Our team creates, positions, and implements unique branded identities that put you ahead of your competition.  From company naming and logo design to tagline and brand voice development, our Brand ToolKit helps you integrate your brand across each physical space and digital channel.


Delight your customers with impactful spaces

The best architecture and design reflects what you want your visitors and employees to see, to hear and to do, and also how you want them to feel.  It reflects an experience.  We walk in your visitors’ and employees’ shoes to map out the journey, ensuring it showcases your distinct identity. 

From micro-branches to corporate centers (and every scale of project in between), our in-house team’s expertise delivers unforgettable environments. By leveraging innovative materials and your desired level of technology, we create purposeful designs and craft spaces that have meaning so you're not only enriching the financial journey, but the employee experience too.


Bring your vision to life: on-time and on-budget

Our construction management approach is designed to give you full visibility and control of your project without all of the stress.  Our team works with you to break down each step in a transparent timeline and cost structure so you know what to expect, by working with your local subcontractors to help fortify your community relationships and reputation. 

Ongoing communication is a cornerstone of how we work.  Our on-site superintendents and construction managers work with your municipalities, sub-contractors, vendors and your team to keep things running smoothly, on-time and on-budget.  We do our best so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.


Engage and delight your visitors

Anybody can build a box, but how do you make it come to life as an exciting work of architecture, a financial outing? By delighting visitors at every turn — physically and digitally.

Vivalociti, a specialized division of La Macchia Group, elevates your visitors’ journey with new and exciting experiences that engage them with your brand. From high-impact “welcome walls” to digital check-in stations, and interactive lounges  — we leverage data and powerful digital content to create seamless financial journeys.  

Go from “simple branch” to “award-winning experience” with Vivalociti.

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