Construction is possibly the most exciting part of your project. After all of the dreaming and planning, you begin to see your future materialize. It’s also the time you need an experienced partner to focus on the build, so you can focus on running your business.

La Macchia Group handles every aspect of construction to deliver a quality finished project.

From bidding to completion, our experienced team of  construction project managers and on-site superintendents handle every aspect of the building process.


The construction process isn't something you go through every day, making it hard for you to know what to expect or even ask. That's why our team proactively breaks down what will happen and is transparent with timelines and the cost structure. You have visibility from the beginning to the end of your project.

Our unique approach gives you full control and transparency into a professionally managed project with the freedom and peace of mind for you to focus on running your business.

Local labor and on-site supervision

Your community is the foundation of your business and we believe that's worth investing in. That's why we open bidding to your talented, local subcontractors, all coordinated by our on-site supervisors and project managers the moment construction begins.

Each project has a dedicated and experienced superintendent on-site daily, working side-by-side with sub-contractors and local authorities to comply with building codes and municipal expectations, and uphold the highest standards of quality. 

Our superintendents ensure that all OSHA safety guidelines are followed, protecting the valued members of your community and your reputation.

project management

As a company that works exclusively with financial institutions, we understand the rigors of your business. When it comes time to construct your project, you can rely on our team.

Communication is key. Our construction management team utilizes the latest technology to provide accurate estimates and thorough administration. This process enables us to effectively identify and mitigate any risks associated with construction, while keeping you informed as the project progresses.

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4 Signs it's time for a new main office

Your financial institution has grown, and the same with your workforce. This is a great problem to have, but the consideration for larger space to accommodate the expanding business becomes more urgent when you start to see signs of outgrowth. 

Some of these signals are obvious, such as not having a large enough meeting room for the team to gather comfortably or the inability to hire new team members because of space constraints. But, what other key indicators are present when it’s time for a new main office?