We simply don't believe in maintaining the status quo. Rather, we thrive on creating an evolutionary financial experience.

Each year technology, consumer behaviors, and business needs change. At La Macchia Group, we see these changes as opportunities to evolve our services and provide our clients with an incredible end result that sets them apart.



Vivalociti is our specialized division focused on elevating the experiences that our clients give to theirs.  Gone are the dated, static facilities of the past as we usher in the new and exciting spaces people want to visit - where they feel engaged by your brand and excited by the possibilities of their financial journey. 

Vivalociti helps our clients bring their digital strategies into their physical environments, leveraging data and powerful content to create seamless financial journeys.  


High-impact "Welcome Walls"    |   History or Community Walls   |   Digital Check-In Stations

Branded & Integrated Displays   |   Interactive Lounge Areas   |    Modern Meeting Spaces

Content Development & Management




The secret to creating engaging experiences isn't just having the latest technology.  It's combining that with a deep understanding of retail design trends and consumer financial behaviors, then developing an environment rich in content that reflects your unique markets and your brand.  

With your vision in mind, we do the research, then source, integrate, produce and install your solutions so you can focus on what matters most: serving your community.  

See what a difference Vivalociti makes, turning an otherwise simple branch into an award-winning experience:

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Take a look at some recent projects where Vivalociti took the in-branch experience to the next level: