10 Bank And Credit Union Designs That Define Modern Banking

by La Macchia Group

Design is more than just a pretty space. In fact, it must transcend that today. With technological advancements emerging in nearly every industry – especially the commercial and consumer banking industry – commercial and retail design trends must take the form of these advancements. Get ready to explore 10 bank and credit union branch designs that are defining the future of retail banking. 


In the ever-evolving world of financial services, design and technology have become closely associated with one another and the movement for designing spaces that reflect this symbiotic relationship will continue to grow. But where did this movement come from and how did it start? Today's buyers all co-exist in a hyper-focused consumer world where digital and print ads are everywhere, and new brands are moving into the competitive space while quickly gaining share of it. The way to break through this noise has never been more important for financial leaders to think differently about their branch networks and the strategies that support them.

There's no denying the growth of digital banking and the need to attract both younger and older generations, but consumer trends still indicate the need for physical branch banking. However, physical locations must now do more and be more, and a high-tech and high-touch branch design is the way in. Designing for tech-friendly spaces not only increases product and service advertising, but it elevates customer experiences in ways that an app or a website can't. That's the power of uniting design and technology.


Check out these 10 branch designs that are defining modern banking:



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