La Macchia Group Announces Tom Kennedy as Chief Operating Officer

by La Macchia Group

MILWAUKEE, WI (November 13, 2015) - La Macchia Group has announced Tom Kennedy as its new Chief Operating Officer.

Trained as a structural engineer with both bachelor's and master's degrees from Marquette University, Kennedy started out his career as a Co-Op student at Opus. Over the next 20 years, Kennedy became the Vice President and General Manager of the Design/Build Operation for one of Opus' five operating companies. Most recently, Kennedy worked for Epstein Global running their design/build group in Chicago working on many international projects. "Design/build is my strength and I have studied how dozens of companies deliver. Managing and developing organizations and people have always been central to my role," said Kennedy.

Throughout Kennedy's career he has gained a vast depth of knowledge about design/build operations and finding te key opportunities to help develop organizations into flourishing companies. Clients can put trust in Tom that he will deliver and provide solutions to their needs.