A Look at the Future Branches Conference

by La Macchia Group

Data can be intimidating. Whether it’s big or small, at one point or another, we’ve all done some research in an attempt to figure something out – in deciding where to make your investments; preparing numbers for a high-pressure meeting with your boss; or determining where your financial institution best fits in your community.

Our La Macchia Group team just returned from the Future Branches conference in Boston, where we heard panelists discuss the topic of establishing your branch mix, bringing up questions like “How do we know where our financial institution would fit best?” and “What should our financial institution look like, and what should it offer?”

At first glance, you may think the answers to these questions are loaded and complex. However, to our team, the answers are simple: data.

In every step of our planning process, data is key. The Future Branches panel emphasized the importance of utilizing data in determining location, size and style of financial institution.

When establishing your branch mix, it is necessary to determine the following:

  1. Your branch’s place in your customer’s journey;
  2. Member information, specific to your branch’s market (and then make this actionable);
  3. The need for a new branch, consolidated branch, or re-modeled branch; and
  4. Location, location and location

Attending the conference only reinforced what we already practice and integrate into our clients’ work at La Macchia Group. Our team is here to help you explore the needs of your branch and its members and overall branch mix.

Our use of the latest technological innovations, relevant data, and strategic market analyses allows us to build our clients the right type of facility in the right place. We tap into the power of data intelligence, enabling us to make your business intelligence contextual and actionable, resulting in the perfect facility in the perfect location.

We’re here to help you break down the numbers and use information to better your customers and members. Whether it’s the total number of loans taken out in a month, debit card transactions, or demographics and geographic information – La Macchia Group is here to humanize what can be intimidating data. We’ll make it tangible for your team and beneficial for your customers and members.

It’s no secret that a great location is necessary for any business. In any industry, storefronts lacking visibility will struggle. For this reason, we don’t rely on gut feelings; we know that research and real estate go hand in hand. We pride ourselves on taking a step further for clients, going beyond finding an acceptable location with basic technology and features. We don’t take shortcuts or the easy route. Rather, we dig into the core of your institution to understand the strengths of your market, your customer base, and what will allow you to succeed now and grow in the future.

Standing on data, research, and technology, La Macchia Group will help you offer your customers and members a unique, memorable experience. Your Brand Journey starts with a strong foundation. Let us build that with you.