Boots back on the ground at Peninsula Federal Credit Union

by Nina Penson

"Adaptation is a profound process. It means you figure out how to thrive in the world.”

Have you ever heard silence on a construction site?  Due to state mandates, the Peninsula Federal Credit Union job site in Escanaba, Michigan was shut down beginning March 17th.  Unlike other states, this type of construction was deemed non-essential because it was not an active building.

Thankfully we are celebrating the re-opening of the site as of May 7th!  Extra steps, in addition to modifications put in place at the onset of the pandemic, are being issued to keep this site healthy and safe.  Some of these steps could be used in other industry or office applications as well:

  • Taking digital, no-touch temperature readings of each worker daily.
  • Screening each worker daily with questions from the CDC.
  • Keeping a log of the temperature results and responses.
  • Putting different colored stickers (for each day of the week) on the worker's hard hats showing that they have been screened and allowed to work on the site for a given date.
  • Holding daily safety huddles to go through all COVID-19 protocols as well as our normal Job Hazard Assessment.

“We’re grateful for the cooperation and patience of all the local contractors we are working with”, says Mark Sikora, Vice President of Safety.

La Macchia Group has been working through this process with the VP of Innovation at Peninsula Federal Credit Union, Debbie Edwardsen, who expressed her appreciation for the continued partnership:

“Jim (Veneskey) and I are very impressed with how your team is continuing to and has handled the construction project through the COVID-19 emergency. They continually placed our needs and concerns first, and never lost sight of the end goal. Because of your team’s positive approach and dedicated commitment, we will be moving into the most beautiful building in Escanaba real soon!  Many folks say ‘It all starts at the top.’  To you and your leadership team…congratulations on a job well done!  I look forward to continuing our progress follow-ups and for the day you can turn the keys over to us at the new PFCU facility.”

"It's never easy to halt a project like this, but it does make it easier when you work with positive and caring individuals who understand what it means to be adaptive," says Mark.  Peninsula FCU is considering additional front and back-office adaptations for a safe branch opening, including some of the solutions that La Macchia Group proposed in their re-opening guide from early March.  Truly leaders in their market, the Peninsula FCU team is gearing up to deliver an exceptional member experience and help their community to thrive.  We couldn't be happier to be supporting them in their mission.


Mark Sikora | Vice President of Safety


Mark Sikora | Vice President of Safety

Mark has over 35 years of experience in managing and supervising major projects. Mark assists the project managers, superintendents, clients and other staff with his knowledge of scheduling, budgeting and cost estimates, while maintaining project safety, quality, timing and customer satisfaction.