FEATURED IN CUTODAY: Heritage Credit Union Celebrates New Branch

by La Macchia Group

MACHESNEY PARK, ILLINOIS -- Heritage Credit Union has officially opened their new branch in Machesney Park commemorating this next chapter in their history with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The Ceremony was held July 26, 2018 with a warm welcome from their membership, Board of Directors and local community.

Established to support the employees of the Oscar Mayer meat production company employees in 1934, Heritage Credit Union’s roots were founded in community and providing support to that community through the financial struggles of the Great Depression. Now serving over 27,000 members in Wisconsin and Illinois, the Credit Union has remained steadfast in their mission to support their community and provide them with the best care possible. Heritage Credit Union was growing at a fast rate in the Greater Rockford market and wanted to identify another location for a new branch to help with that growth and their need for additional space. Through La Macchia Group’s Strategic Market Analysis, they identified the Machesney Park location as the perfect fit for the advancement of their Credit Union. Machesney Park has a young, growing, and vibrant market that has strong growth opportunities.

With a location selected, La Macchia Group went to work and designed a facility for Heritage Credit Union that truly embodies their brand. Using fresh, bright colors that reflect their logo, members experience the brand the moment they pull into the parking lot and take their first steps into the branch. To create a welcoming environment, La Macchia Group designed high ceilings with large windows that allow abundant natural light.

One of the most unique features of this new branch is the stylistic work of a local artist who created custom, branded images that are a main focal point in the interior design. Many of the images can be seen from outside the building, creating an additional brand touchpoint for members and the community. Working with the local community on this new branch project was a top priority for Heritage and the local artist was very pleased to be supporting the Credit Union to help create this part of their brand.

Corner View 2Interior Lobby View Rendering of Heritage Credit Union

When entering the new lobby, members can easily interact with the central amenities zone that features financial resources at the iPad Bar and enjoy refreshments at the Convenience Bar. This custom double bar has a circle design that mimics the Heritage Credit Union logo. Above the amenities zone boasts a large soffit that features custom images by the local artist. Beyond the amenities zone, members now enter the transaction zone with custom teller pods that creates a retail environment in the lobby. Surrounding the lobby, members and staff can meet in private offices that feature modern sliding doors and elegant window features.  

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