• Location:
Farmington Hills, Michigan

• Type: Credit Union
• Size: 30,000 sq.ft.


  • Brand Touchpoint Integration
  • Programming, Architectural & Interior Design,
  • Equipment & Furniture
  • Construction Management, Cost Estimating & Bidding


A workplace for the people.

The Alliance Catholic Credit Union and La Macchia Group partnership has been strong for the last seven years. With new deployments in a handful of markets throughout the state of Michigan, more members, employees, and a share of the banking market is what Alliance Catholic is going to get. 

Aside from the recent branch deployments and refreshes, one thing Alliance Catholic was sharply focused on was increasing the employee experience. This credit union has an incredibly hardworking staff that leadership understands needs to be taken care of too. With that came a beautifully refreshed office space that is for the people. With a very minimal retail focus, the branch has everything local current and prospective employees could want. From collaborative work spaces to places that everyone can gather in, and branded elements that speak truly to the Alliance Catholic brand, this is a place that credit union staff will be proud of for many years to come.

Brand-centric to tech-friendly: the ultimate combination!

The Alliance Catholic brand fully embraces the importance of what it stands for and the presence it has had for over 70 years. This is clearly seen throughout the space with its eccentric pops of purples, greens, and pinks and is thoughtfully carried throughout the space all the way from the lobby to the back-office. At every turn, employees are reminded of the brand and have the opportunity to live its values everyday. 

In addition to a brand-centric space, making the office adaptable to technology forward solutions was a big must. Seen in the lobby, an oversized LED display is integrated into the wall to create a welcoming and experiential feel. In today's busy and dynamic world, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and Alliance Catholic knows how to make it count.

La Macchia Group's technology design team, Vivalociti, developed an interactive touch-screen kiosk for visitors that enter the lobby. At this kiosk, people can check in and access a wayfinding app programed into the device. This wayfinding app provides visitors with a more visual representation of where to go, who to see, and when.

Growth never stops.

With a handful of projects completed and several more to come, La Macchia Group has helped put Alliance Catholic Credit Union on a great path to success. From growing its member and employee base to increasing brand awareness across Detroit, the ACCU team is bound to see a boost in business growth in just a short period of time!

The overall expertise of your team and professionalism has led us to today - becoming a return client of LaMacchia Group. We look forward to engaging with your team for another Branch Study and hopefully continue growth into more Catholic Communities throughout Michigan in the form of additional locations.