Branching Out: How Financial Institutions are Adding Value Beyond Banking

by La Macchia Group

Banks and credit unions are moving beyond the usual by adding amenities within their branch other than the traditional banking. These institutions are finding creative ways to benefit not only their consumers, but the entire community in a way that impacts everyone positively. Here are some prime examples of how some financial institutions are branching out:

coffee shops


Park City Credit Union wanted to bring the community in their doors by adding a coffee shop. Park City partnered with La Macchia Group to add a local coffee shop with amenities and conveniences to both the Credit Union members and local coffee shop-goers.


outdoor amenities



Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union wanted to connect with their community’s outdoor lifestyle. La Macchia Group helped them add a water bottle filling station and bike repair station just outside the building for those traveling on the bike trail behind the branch.


community rooms

forward financial

Forward Financial Credit Union had La Macchia Group build them a ‘community room’. This room is available for rent to anyone in the community and is a great space for celebrations like baby showers, birthday parties and other large gatherings.





hoteling offices


C&F Bank wanted to utilize their extra space by allowing individuals in the community to reserve and use spare offices inside their buildings. These ‘hoteling offices’ are convenient for those who are still working from home.


partnering with local non-profits

ASB-7Alden State Bank partnered with La Macchia Group to utilize their extra space for the greater good. They teamed up with a local non-profit, F BITES (Food Based Interventions with Technology Energy and Science), to build a café that focuses on workforce development and hiring individuals such as the chronically unemployed and high-risk teens.

Having these extra amenities in your financial institution will not only benefit your consumers, but it can expose your brand and the ability to interact with potential new business when you open them to the whole community. Want more ideas about how your financial institution can branch out? Connect with a La Macchia Group expert today.