How to Merge High Tech & High Touch To Support Your Customers

by Nina Penson

As featured in the Future Branches Virtual Event session.  Missed the session?  Want to see it again?  Watch Tim and Sharon's video here:

Facing The Future Head On: How To Merge High Tech & High Touch

Are you thinking about building branches with technology?

If you missed the Future Branches virtual event on July 20, 2020, our segment on How to Merge High Tech & High Touch featured Tim Klatt, La Macchia Group's Director of Retail Strategies and Sharon Anderson, CEO of Williamstown Bank, who discussed the ways banking technology can be integrated with facility design and engaged personnel to create differentiated, high touch experiences. 

Tim and Sharon talk specifically about expanding into new but overbanked markets, market dynamics and demographics, ITMs, the role of digital content and the importance of employee training.  All of which helped Williamstown Bank navigate - and find growth - during the pandemic.  

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Tim Klatt | Director of Retail Strategies

Tim Klatt brings over 15 years of experience in geographical market analysis, strategy development and large-scale retail deployments for regional and national financial institutions, restaurants and big box brands. Tim has most recently helped La Macchia Group establish its newest division, Vivalociti, to enable financial institutions to leverage data and technology to curate the next wave of in-branch experiences. To learn more about La Macchia Group, visit or contact Tim at