Rethinking Physical Space: A Filene Report in Partnership with La Macchia Group

by La Macchia Group

In this anticipated report from Filene, participating credit unions and The Lab at Filene gathered qualitative feedback from members regarding the physical presence and use of branches, featuring La Macchia Group's partnership with Verity Credit Union.


Who is The Lab at Filene?

Filene is a research institute located in Madison, Wisconsin, dedicated to strengthening credit unions through research, incubation opportunities, and advisory services. Specifically, The Lab at Filene is their platform designated to testing tools, products, and strategic solutions to better help the growth and connection of credit unions. 


The Report

The Lab at Filene worked with two different credit unions and their members to gather information to better credit union's physical spaces. Touching on key topics such as; optimizing physical spaces to foster trust, facilitating an inclusive and safe atmosphere, using the credit union's physical space to create a sense of value, and how a modified space would impact member engagement.

Understanding the topics discussed in this report can give credit unions a leg-up in the ever-changing industry of banking. How do your members feel about the branches they frequent? What actions can be taken to engage your financial institution's membership and community in a more effective way?

To learn more about utilizing your branch's physical space better, download the report, "Year One Lab Results: Rethinking Physical Space" where The Lab at Filene digs deeper into these topics with the help of La Macchia Group.


Filene Report-2