Best of Branding 2023

by La Macchia Group

In the changing landscape of financial institutions, creating immersive and memorable experiences has become key for financial institutions looking to leave a lasting impact on their consumers. Let's take a look at just some of our many favorite branded environments of 2023.

Atlantic Federal Credit Union

Starting with a credit union in Westbrook, Maine, Atlantic Credit Union is so committed to their brand, this branch’s blueprint models their brand’s iconic "A" logo.


The incorporation of their branding and community into the physical build, both inside and out, as well as showcasing advanced technology, Atlantic Credit Union was able create an exciting and engaging environment to attract new members. 



Cattaraugus County Bank

Cattaraugus County Bank wanted to create a youthful, but strong and trusted interior brand voice for this branch. The design teams achieved this by creating casual, approachable waiting and meeting spaces throughout the building, and integrating the brand throughout every space. Integrated into the wallpaper, graphic walls, and signage around the space provides visitors with a strong connection to their brand.



Reliant Credit Union

Starting with a brand refresh, Reliant brought their values to life through a new logo. Reliant’s new logo design represented its dedication to keeping things simple, approachable and welcoming.

Reliant Credit Union_Logo_Before and After


One of the most prominent design features of this logo is the chevron arrow, which can be seen through graphic elements throughout the branch, and the LED lighting features in the branch vestibule seen below. This chevron arrow represents a nod to always moving forward and achieving more in life.

reliant vest 1



Cleveland state bank

Cleveland State Bank has always valued the relationship with their community, so it was important for them to continue being viewed as the true community bank in the area. You will see throughout the build many walls with graphics that feature Elkhart Lake’s road racing history, and the history of the community they call home.

lobby close up


Williamstown bank

While updating Williamstown Bank's brand was important, it was equally important to stay true to their values. The La Macchia Group team kept the same green colors and name, providing a new look to the same trusted community bank. The new branding includes a tagline that explains the primary goal that Williamstown Bank works toward every day, showing people what banking can be.




williamstown bank logo

With the help of La Macchia’s design team they were able to find solutions that brought their brand to life, choosing to highlight the green from the Williamstown Bank logo in the aesthetic of the space and designing the areas around the coffee shop in a way that created a sense of home and community for their customers.



Our partners continue to set the standard for branded environments in 2023, pushing boundaries and redefining the way consumers interact with their brand. With 2024 right around the corner, we cant wait to see what new spaces we are able to create for our partners.

La Macchia Group and Vivalociti logo