From Branch Transformation to Website Transformation

by Ben La Macchia, VP of Planning + Real Estate

When I joined the company nearly 15 years ago I never imagined that we’d grow to be what we are today: the coast-to-coast source for forward thinking financial institutions that seek a true value-adding partner for their facilities needs.  Our team has worked with credit unions and banks, big and small, on customized strategic plans, brand centered design and professionally managed construction that bring consumers in the door and grow their businesses.  As strategic thinkers, we are making some of our own changes today as we roll out our upgraded website.  With our new website we’ll now be able to do a better job of showcasing our customers’ unique branded facilities as well as telling the stories that go behind the strategic thought.  A cornerstone of this will be various team members across La Macchia Group posting blogs on relevant topics that range across our industry.  From marketing to millennials (soon to be Gen Z!) to sit-to-stand workstations to deferred facilities maintenance programs, we will be blogging about the latest in financial facilities.

So as a new blogger I’ll kick things off in classic fashion with my top 5 list on why we are starting a blog:

  1. We don’t stand still – it’s the fast that eat the slow, not the big that eat the small. This has been a saying that my Dad (Ralph) has used for years and one that I love.  We’ve always been a company that is on the move, continually looking to improve so that we can provide our customers the insight they need to make well informed decisions and also to tell their stories.


  1. Everyone loves a good story….. - Personally, I enjoy telling a good story as much as the next guy.  It’s just that most of my storytelling has been in the form of Dr. Seuss to my two sons, while my day job has been creating a lot of great stories that have gone untold.  This is the case for many of us here at La Macchia Group hence our chance to share so many of our unique experiences.


  1. The LG Experience – Speaking of experiences, our company has a unique brand and it’s a lot of fun living it every day. We also have a lot of personality, intelligence, wit, strategic thinking……..well you get the drift.  So a blog post is a great opportunity to impart many of our thoughts and ideas on how to address the unique challenges and opportunities of today’s world.


  1. It’s a fast moving world - With technology and retail concepts continuing to meld into the financial services space it is all the more important that we continue to be the go-to resource for our clients on how to approach this ever-changing environment.  The challenges that our clients face every day require a tailored solution that demands strategic thought, and this is definitely worth sharing!


  1. There’s so much information to share! - Who has the time to read a novel in one sitting?! And by the time it’s written, it’s no longer current. Blogging is the perfect way to break down the information into up-to-date bite-size pieces. From marketing to millennials (with Gen Z up next to market) to ergonomic discussions including sit-to-stand workstations to deferred facilities maintenance programs – we will be blogging about the latest in financial facilities!


When you got a good thing, share it! (so look for more to come!)