Fostering The Future Workforce

by La Macchia Group

In the world of modern business, companies are constantly seeking ways to innovate, grow, and stay ahead of the curve. One strategy that has proven to be a win-win for both young professionals and businesses is working with internship and apprenticeship programs. At La Macchia Group, we embrace this concept, understanding the benefits these young minds bring to our company and the future workforce.

Currently, La Macchia Group has an apprentice through the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program which is offered through the Department of Workforce Development. Mary Goodno, a high school junior, works on the architectural project management team with senior architectural project manager, Patrick Hoctor, who also acts as her mentor through the program. Admittedly, Hoctor did not expect much from a high school apprentice, but the experience has surpassed his expectations, saying, “She comes in every day that she’s scheduled to and works hard and stays focused.  She is a quick learner and produces high quality work. I’m happy to have her on our team and I hope she sticks with us all the way through high school, and beyond.”

Having apprentices and interns allows the teams to engage in mentorship, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and development. Our experienced team members have the chance to guide and mentor interns, passing on their expertise and industry insights. This mentorship not only benefits the interns but also rejuvenates our team, reminding us of the enthusiasm and curiosity that initially drew us to our respective fields.

In fact, this opportunity has reignited a desire to lead for Hoctor. “At my previous job I was a manager, and mentoring Mary has reminded me of my passion for leadership and management.  It is truly a joy working with her and helping her learn and grow”.

Apprenticeships and internships serve as a crucial talent pipeline for La Macchia Group, providing the opportunity to identify and nurture promising individuals. Through hands-on experience, interns and apprentices gain an in-depth understanding of our company culture, values, and work processes, making the transition from intern to employee seamless.

Patrick Hoctor (1)

When asked about her apprenticeship at La Macchia Group, Mary Goodno stated, “It’s incredible to be able to gain a different type of knowledge and experience that I wouldn’t at high school. It has changed, grown, and impacted me in so many positive ways. Not only have I learned architectural related things, but it has exposed me to many adult responsibilities and social skills.”

The idea of learning and growing at La Macchia Group is not just a temporary arrangement; it's an investment in our future. Through these programs, we gain access to diverse talents, fresh perspectives, and a continuous stream of innovative ideas. The mentorship and knowledge-sharing that occur during these programs create a positive ripple effect, benefiting both the interns and our teams. Ultimately, by embracing the internship and apprenticeship models, we are not just shaping the future of our interns and apprentices; we are shaping the future of our company.

Hoctor finished by saying, “It’s inspiring to work for a company like La Macchia Group that supports programs like this.  They took a chance that is paying off because Mary has become a valuable employee.”

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