Establishing A Subcontractor-Contractor Partnership

by Nina Penson

Building state-of-the-art facilities across the country is made possible by finding and partnering with talented local subcontractors from the communities where we are working.  To all our partners, we say "Thank you."


Supporting our clients' local communities is an important part of our commitment to the financial services industry, and hiring skilled workers who are local to a project enables us to do that in a unique way.  Making connections with local businesses within the communities we work will always be a high priority for La Macchia Group, and in new markets, that isn't always easy.  Our clients' help us to connect to potential new partners and a robust trade search and bidding process for every project yields a mix of new relationships and potential repeat partners.


Our subcontractors are vital to the success of our projects and La Macchia overall so we are constantly looking for ways we can strengthen this relationship”, says Matt Bratzke, VP of Construction at La Macchia Group, "We view our subcontractors as partners in our design-build process.



Dennis Anderson, VP of Total Mechanical's Electrical Division in Wisconsin has worked with La Macchia Group for many years on a number of jobs and offered his thoughts on why he enjoys working with the team:

“La Macchia Group provides a platform where they encourage subcontractors' creativity and design assistance towards providing the best solutions for their clients. While being cost conscious they do not solely concentrate on targeting the lowest possible cost and materials, but instead the best possible solutions for their clients. The execution of a project within this model creates a positive attitude and energy between designers, project managers, jobsite field personnel and ultimately the clients."

But this model doesn't just happen.  Dennis goes on to explain, "This concept is only possible when the highest level of trust and respect exists between the General Contractor and the subcontractor.  Forming a partnership with the subcontractor; this is what exists when working with the La Macchia Group Team”.  

As we look toward the back half of 2020 with many new projects planned across the country, we are excited by the opportunities we have to continue to grow our relationships, learn new things from the field, and to support the talented men and women on our jobsites who also embody the spirit of "Our business is building yours."

To see the results of bringing the most talented design and construction-industry professionals together, check out the OUR WORK section of our website.