Five Topics to Add to Your Annual Planning Agenda

by La Macchia Group

Is your annual planning meeting on the calendar? If so, it’s time to start thinking through the agenda. Sure, there are the topics you need to cover – the numbers, the data and your institution’s performance – but if you’re not taking the chance to think bigger than budgets, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity.

Here are the five topics La Macchia Group is encouraging its clients to cover this year:

  1. Industry Trends: What are we seeing in the marketplace and what does it mean for you? Are you tracking industry disrupters – the “Rocket Mortgages” of the world? Do you know how they’re impacting your business, customers and members? What is your line of defense?
  2. Emerging Tech: What is on the horizon? Are you doing what you should to catch up and keep up? How can you marry technology with your current brand to reinforce your brand message? Is your User Financial Experience optimized for success?
  3. Your Changing Customer / Member Base: Are you speaking the Millennial language in a way that doesn’t neglect other generations? Are you tracking GEN Z and their preferences and consumer habits?
  4. Competitor Analysis: What are your competitors doing well? How can you do better? What areas of weakness for your competitors is an area of opportunity for you?
  5. Success Stories: What does it look like when all of these considerations are top of mind for a bank or credit union? What does a success story look like and what can we learn from organizations that are doing it well?

At La Macchia Group, we have been giving financial institutions the competitive advantage since 1986. We are confident exploring these topics will set the scene for a successful 2020 and beyond, and we’re happy to help.

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