If You Build It, Will They Come?

by La Macchia Group


Any architect or contractor can design and build a new operations center, but how does one ensure that it’s specifically designed to support a financial institution’s distinctive growth trajectory?
One word: planning.

Only a niche partner, deeply entwined in the banking industry, can develop a data-informed plan that considers organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, future forecasts, market trends and other factors uniquely impacting a financial institution’s staffing and procedures - all absolutely critical factors for determining whether an operations center is the best path forward.

This is where La Macchia Group comes in. Our company was built on decades of partnership, combining financial institution leadership with construction experts, and exclusively serving banks and credit unions embarking on the design/build journey. La Macchia Group develops and executes 360-degree powerhouse plans that take financial institutions through planning and branding, to real estate and architecture, as well as technology and personalized content.

Building an operations center requires a solid strategic plan, leveraging critical information derived from internal projections and third-party expertise. We've prepared whitepaper for financial institutions that explores the importance and impact planning has on large-scale builds, and how each decision can and should be rooted in data-backed insights. Some of the questions we'll answer include:

  • GROWTH: Are you planning to pursue growth, if so from where?

  • PROGRAMS & PLATFORMS: Are there any planned technology improvements that will reduce back-office staff needs?

  • CULTURE: How should your culture influence how the building
    is put together?

  • SCALE: What kind of timeline, investment, and organizational impact will a project like this have?

  • PLANNING: How do you evaluate current market conditions including real estate, traffic patterns, and demographic and sociographic data as part of the foundational aspect of the project?

Whether you’re exploring an operations center to streamline your footprint and better serve new and prospective consumers, recruit and retain top talent - or a little bit of both - the question we can help you answer is:

If you build it, will they come?

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