Project Brief

Illiana Financial Credit Union - Calumet City

Key Info

  • location: Calumet City, Illinois
  • type: Credit Union
  • size: 3,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided

  • Strategic Market Analysis
  • Brand Touchpoint Integration
  • Programming, Architectural & Interior Design, Equipment & Furniture
  • Construction Management, Cost Estimating & Bidding


Illiana Financial Credit Union was growing their membership and staff at a steadily rate, however their building needs were not able to grow with them. The original design of the building had an inefficient layout that left areas of unwanted space and areas that needed more room were unable to expand. Membership struggled with navigating the layout and there was little privacy for staff and member communications. Prior to the branch transformation, there was inconsistent branding across the branches as well.

La Macchia Group performed a Strategic Market Analysis on the branch network of Iliana Financial and it was ultimately decided to remain at the current location and remodel that branch.

This branch transformation revitalized the exterior and interior of the branch, creating a truly custom branded space. The exterior outer shell was updated to be consistent with the exteriors of the Chicago Heights and Bourbonnais branches. 

The interior transformation goals were to create an inviting space that reflected the Illiana Financial brand, have an efficient, easy-to-navigate layout, and provide more space for a vareity of meeting spaces.

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