• Location:
Waldorf, Maryland

• Type: Credit Union
• Size: 2,500 sq.ft.


  • Brand Touchpoint Integration
  • Programming, Architectural & Interior Design
  • Equipment, Furniture, Technology Integration
  • Construction Management, Cost Estimating & Bidding


Who is Cedar Point Federal Credit Union?

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union serves people who live, work, worship, and do business within three specific counties in the state of Maryland. Furthermore, the credit union has actively served people who are a part of the United States Navy since 1945. With growth on Cedar Point's mind and La Macchia Group as its trusted partner, there are a wealth of great opportunities coming the credit union's way. From branch expansion to technology and branded content implementation, the Cedar Point team will grow its presence physically and in the mind's of consumers across Maryland.

New branch, great location.

La Macchia Group was tasked with doing an analysis on a handful of different sites for the credit union. Identifying the best site possible guaranteed to increase efficiency and introduce a new look to the market was a top priority. After a few weeks of evaluating each site, the chosen location deemed to be a perfect fit for the credit union was located in Waldorf, Maryland - about 25 miles south of Washington D.C.

The overall grade of the site was an A+ for Cedar Point. With great access to convenience for members in the area, being located on the northwest corner of a controlled intersection was a no-brainer for this branch deployment. The site location is also directly across the street from the main entrance of a super Target which promises to draw members and prospective members in from a dense and high visibility area. Almost 20,000 vehicles pass through this area everyday which is also a plus!

Tech and design-forwardness, a must!

For its clients, La Macchia Group understands the importance of high-tech solutions in branch deployments. However, marrying that technology with thoughtful and inclusive design for adults (young and old) and children was the key to elevating the space from a full 360-degree perspective. The first thing that had to be done was introducing teller pods. Teller pods help open up a branch and maximize its space to the highest degree of efficiency possible. In addition to increasing engagement and member dwell time within the space, adding a tech station built into the lobby accompanied by a large LED display integrated into the wall gives the space a high-tech yet clean look. The marketing and branding team at Cedar Point now has the ability to deploy content and other advertising material into the space either through the interactive touch table (tech station), and the LED monitor.

What's next?

As the Cedar Point Federal Credit Union team settles into its new branch location, developing ties with its new community will be important. This can take several months if not years to achieve, but with the right team and right tools in place, there is nothing they can't achieve!