• Location:
Parkersburg, West Virginia

• Type: Bank
• Size: 3,456 sq.ft.


  • Brand Touchpoint Integration
  • Programming, Architectural & Interior Design, Equipment & Furniture
  • Construction Management, Cost Estimating & Bidding


Williamstown Bank engaged La Macchia Group to design and re-construct a new branch to fuel their expansion into a neighboring market.

Hear more from President/CEO Sharon Anderson as she discussed their journey and the Vivalociti difference as a Future Branches guest speaker in July 2020.

To ensure they stood out from the competition, Williamstown Bank’s major focus was to provide customers with a new banking experience, not just a new location.  La Macchia Group worked with them to develop two major concepts that enabled the team to bring this dream into reality:

  • Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) and flexible meeting spaces were installed in lieu of traditional teller lines. This allows bankers to interact with their customers in a more casual and inviting space and on more value-added engagements.  Simple deposits and withdrawals can be handled with ease by an ITM, with staff there to encourage new users as needed.
  • To encourage community engagement, Williamstown Bank opened a one-of-a-kind coffee shop inside their branch. While not an entirely new concept to retail banking, The Giving Cup stands out because all proceeds are donated to local charities. A high-end coffee machine, delicious baked goods and a professional barista make this a truly unique experience.

Taking a building that had been a bank many years ago and converting it into a modern and inviting space posed some unique design challenges. With the help of La Macchia’s design team they were able to find solutions that brought their brand to life, choosing to highlight the green from the Williamstown Bank logo in the aesthetic of the space and designing the areas around the coffee shop in a way that created a sense of home and community for their customers.

According to bank President Sharon Anderson, “La Macchia delivered a product that not only captured the essence of our out-of-the-box vision, but one that we believe helps position Williamstown Bank for long term success in a new market. It was our hope to create an inviting atmosphere and customer experience, and La Macchia nailed it with their design, while making the process extremely smooth for our already busy team. We look forward to potentially more projects with La Macchia in the future!”


  • Build: New Construction
  • Install: ITMs
  • Install: Welcome Wall
  • Add'tl Service: Vivalociti
  • Experience: Coffee Shop/Cafe

We partnered with La Macchia Group not only because of their industry experience, but also because we wanted a look and design that would help differentiate Williamstown Bank in a way that shows our commitment to both innovation and community.