Helping Financials Navigate COVID-19

by Angela Markwald

La Macchia Group has been helping financial leaders to identify and implement solutions for re-opening, and to navigate longer-term strategies for growth.   

In April, La Macchia Group released 2 resources for financial leaders, providing both practical near-term tips to plan for re-opening, and data-driven (versus opinion-based) rationale to consider in longer-term strategic adaptations to branch network management.  The response from the industry has been overwhelmingly positive, as La Macchia Group has been featured in Financial Brand, CU Journal, American Banker and CU Insight to name a few.

"Our first thought when we started adapting our business model to address COVID-19 was how we can help our customers.  Banks and credit unions, specifically the community-based institutions, are vital to the health of their communities,"

says Ben La Macchia, Senior Vice President of La Macchia Group.  "We didn't reach out with something to sell, we reached out with questions to better understand what they were dealing with, ideas for what they could do on their own, and data and insights that provided hope."

Over the past few weeks we've had the opportunity to talk in-depth about the current challenges our customers are facing by joining several state and regional membership organizations for "round-table" talks. We're hearing first-hand what they are encountering and are encouraged by the amazing support the members provide one another.   

"Financial leaders are sharing ideas with one another, but many are still struggling with the basics of procuring face masks and cleaning supplies.  Because that challenge is so intense, it can be hard to see beyond those simple solutions to the additional things that can be done to enhance safety," says Ben.  

La Macchia Group recognizes the challenge and is helping financial leaders by providing education and implementation support when needed.  Within existing facilities and for any active projects underway to renovate or build new facilities, there are 5 key areas financial leaders must evaluate and adapt as time and resources allow:  


  • Visitor and employee communications
  • Surface and space sanitization
  • Distancing, risk and traffic management
  • Air quality management
  • Operational modifications

The solutions to address these areas are numerous.  The team at La Macchia Group is grateful to be actively working with customers to identify the right products and solutions to not only re-open their branches, but to build towards a new normal and future growth.

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Ben La Macchia | Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President, Ben serves as the in-house real estate expert for La Macchia Group and leverages his wealth of knowledge in finance, coupled with his background as a trader, to act as a powerful negotiator on behalf of clients.  Ben understands the business-specific needs of financial institutions and works collaboratively with clients to guide them through the steps required to achieve their growth goals.