Saving Time & Money with Design-Build

by La Macchia Group

Is a new branch project or operations center in your 2024 plans? Before embarking on the traditional design-bid-build process by engaging an architect or general contractor, it is worth your time to explore whether a design-build firm aligns with your needs, organizational goals, and financial considerations.

The design-build approach is a comprehensive, unified, and collaborative process where the architect, general contractor, and construction project manager collaborate, often working together under one roof. This highly cooperative method offers several advantages over the conventional design-bid-build process. Design-bid-build projects contract designers and builders independently. Project phases are defined and happen sequentially. 

Design-Build Difference


Design-Build is a highly cooperative method that offers several advantages over the conventional design-bid-build process, including:

Enhanced Value:
Your investment gains greater value with a design-build firm. By having the right stakeholders involved from the outset collaborating on the design and project plan, you can be assured that the plan, scope of work, and associated costs are well-defined and scrutinized. In fact, based on a third-party study, design-build projects cost 6% less compared to design-bid-build projects.¹

Accelerated Completion:
Unlike the linear progression of the traditional design-bid-build process, the design-build approach allows project timelines and tasks to overlap, expediting the overall process. For instance, the design process can coincide with the preparation of estimates and bids, as well as the acquisition of permits. Consequently, projects are delivered 33% faster¹ than their design-bid-build counterparts.

Cost Reduction:
Increased collaboration results in greater transparency among all team members, minimizing the need for change orders and cost escalations. With a design-build firm, a realistic budget is established upfront with significant transparency. Because the entire team collaborates from the beginning, costly change orders are less frequent. On average, design-build see a 6% reduction in change orders¹ when compared to design-bid-build. 

Integrated Branding:
Achieving collaboration between architects, interior designers, and branding agencies can be challenging with a design-bid-build process due to timing issues and a lack of a cohesive, unified goal. In contrast, design-build brings all these entities under the same roof, facilitating the joint creation of a unique branded vision for the project from the outset.

One of the most significant benefits of working with a design-build firm is the shared vision. Unlike the traditional design-bid-build approach, where interpretations may differ among the architect, project manager, and contractor, the collaborative team approach of a design-build firm ensures that all project contributors are involved from conceptual drawings through design and construction. This guarantees a common vision and strategy for implementation, promoting a "no surprises" approach with a commitment to transparency within the team and with the client.

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¹ Construction Industry Institute (CII)/Penn State Research