Using Your Branch As Your Most Powerful Billboard

by Ben La Macchia, Senior Vice President

If you think the financial services industry will plateau in its advancement, think again. We all depend on financial services to some degree in life, and at La Macchia Group, we believe this dependency will continue to grow. Now more than ever, financial leaders must stay ahead in the race to a more modern, branded and inclusive experience for their members, customers and employees.

We invite you to watch this powerful interview with Val Mindak, President & CEO of Park City Credit Union and Benjamin La Macchia, Senior Vice President of La Macchia Group, as they discuss the incredible growth of Park City Credit Union's assets after re-inventing their presence within the community.

Val Mindak says it perfectly in this segment:

"There are so many institutions just waiting, and I don't know what they're waiting for. If they're waiting to see what the future looks like, then I think they need to INVENT that future."


Growing to over $300 million in assets in just two years was something Park City Credit Union never expected. But the journey to get there was strategic and organic in nature as they sought to turn their facility into a flagship destination that all 9,000 residents of Merrill either know about or do business with. 

Branded credit union lobby Lounge area in a credit union lobby Cafe in a credit union


Park City Credit Union identified three key components of how one unique vision could truly elevate their space. These components were:

  • Without losing its heritage, redevelop the Park City brand by establishing a stronger brand identity
  • Ensure the revitalized brand elevated its image in the community and increased digital presence 
  • Assimilating the brand to the facility from inside out, maximizing their billboard at every angle

Watch how Park City Credit Union accomplished this and how they're using the branch as their biggest brand asset:


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    As Senior Vice President, Ben serves as the in-house real estate expert for La Macchia Group and leverages his wealth of knowledge in finance, coupled with his background as a trader, to act as a powerful negotiator on behalf of clients. Ben understands the business-specific needs of financial institutions and works collaboratively with clients to guide them through the steps required to achieve their growth goals.