How Bayer Heritage FCU Reinvented Their Branch Network

by Nina Penson, Senior Marketing Specialist

As featured in the Future Branches Virtual Event session. Missed the session? Need to see it again? Watch Tim and Jaime’s video here:

A Case Study In Growth

Is your financial institution looking for ways to grow organically? Or perhaps you're trying to grow wallet share within your existing base? This is no easy feat, but if done right can have tremendous payback.

If you missed the Future Branches virtual event on March 30th 2021, our segment on How Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union Reinvented Their Branch Network featured Tim Klatt, La Macchia Group’s Director of Retail Strategies & Head of Vivalociti, and Jaime Hissam, Vice President of Operations of Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union.

In this segment, they unpack three core concepts and how Bayer Heritage FCU applied each:

  1. Knowing your markets by leveraging data you likely have
  2. Creating an experience
  3. Bringing your team along for the ride (get the buy-in you need!)

These concepts are critical to adopt in order to understand and engage consumers, and to keep up with the rapid evolution of the financial services industry.

As growth becomes increasingly challenging to find and new players continue to move in, keeping a pulse on new opportunities even if it means capitalizing on ways to grow in existing markets will become key.

Learn how Bayer Heritage FCU applied these concepts and get inspired with the possibilities of what your branch network can do: