La Macchia Group Remote ITM Branches Underway For Florida Credit Union

by Nina Penson, Senior Marketing Specialist


This year La Macchia Group is partnering with Eglin Federal Credit Union on making several updates to its branch network experience. As many of those upgrades are still underway, one thing credit union members across the Florida panhandle can soon expect to see are the construction and installation of two ITM-only service branches in remote locations for Eglin Federal Credit Union. In lieu of on-site branch staff, these locations will be staffed with virtual tellers to operate and assist credit union members remotely and increase operational efficiency for the credit union.

What are ITM branches?

Remote ITM branches are tellerless locations that provide ease of access and flexible options to consumers in cost-effective ways. These locations are virtually staffed with workers sitting in a call center at a centralized hub, typically the main office or operations center.

La Macchia Group’s design/build team created the remote ITMs as a way to further provide ease of access and a wider variety of services to credit union membership. The Eglin team will soon have the ability to communicate in real-time with a member over two-way video during normal branch hours.

As La Macchia Group helps Eglin Federal Credit Union become more flexible for members and adapt to the times, these new remote ITM locations will help the credit union expand its presence and better reach members in different cities all in one branch network.

Remote drive-up ITM for Eglin Federal Credit Union
La Macchia Group is constructing two remote drive-up ITM locations for Eglin Federal Credit Union (Florida).

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