• Location:
Madison, Wisconsin

• Type: Credit Union
• Size: 3,630 sq.ft.


  • Brand Touchpoint Integration
  • Programming, Architectural & Interior Design,
  • Equipment & Furniture
  • Construction Management, Cost Estimating & Bidding



Heartland Credit Union has been proudly serving the Southwestern Wisconsin community for over 85 years. During the past two decades, La Macchia Group has been an excellent partner for the credit union, helping them navigate through their significant growth. Back in 2003, La Macchia Group built new main office to relocate all their operations into. Most recently, Heartland Credit Union engaged La Macchia Group to assist with their vision of remodeling their iconic Williamson Street branch.

Challenge Accepted

At La Macchia Group, we encourage the abandonment of the conventional and welcome the challenge of bringing new ideas to life. Heartland Credit Union was previously a tenant in a (3) tenant building. Realizing they needed more space, the idea of acquiring the other two spaces came to mind. The challenge didn’t stop there. Being in a historic district, the look of the building could not significantly change, and additions were not allowed. La Macchia Group was able to help Heartland Credit Union acquire the entire building and meet the city’s arduous standards by adding two drive thru lanes THROUGH the existing building! Being able to find perfect matches for the existing brick and integral color split face block was a large part of a successful exterior remodel. Equally as impressive, this entire project was a live remodel, allowing Heartland Credit Union to stay fully functional throughout all phases with minimal disruptions.


Heartland Before and After Rendering

Connecting Credit Union Brand with Neighborhood Culture

Heartland Credit Union had a vision of connecting the eclectic culture and semi-industrial aesthetic of the Williamson Street neighborhood with their credit union brand and experience. To ensure the right connections were made, La Macchia Group analyzed the tapestry profiles of the area to really understand who their members are and what they are looking for in a financial institution. The conclusion was made that this should be a low-technology project, focusing more so on the design and sense of community. La Macchia Group accomplished this by implementing various metals, such as corrugated steel; with reclaimed, stacked wood walls. We layered this aesthetic further, by mixing in concrete-inspired surfaces, acoustical clouds, and stylistically appropriate lighting fixtures. The look was connected to the credit union by incorporating their brand colors as accent colors and applying impactful murals, to complete the space.

Top Leaders and Top Workplaces

Heartland Credit Union has honored Sally Dischler, President & CEO of Heartland Credit Union with a dedication plaque in this newly renovated Williamson Street Branch for successfully leading the credit union for over 30 years. Her commitment to the credit union staff has been equally as important as its members. It’s no wonder why the credit union has been recognized by the Wisconsin State Journal as a “Top Workplace” for the past three consecutive years.

Heartland - Before 1 Heartland - After 1

Heartland - Before 2 Heartland - After 2


La Macchia Group provided us with incomparable expertise and planning. Most importantly, La Macchia Group recognized our need to be good stewards of our member-owners’ assets. We highly recommend La Macchia Group.