In-Branch Video Banking Rooms that Work

by La Macchia Group

In the changing landscape of banking, technological advancements continue to evolve traditional operations, offering innovative solutions to improve customer experiences. One evolution is the emergence of in-branch video banking rooms. These private spaces combine technology with personalized service to provide customers with convenient, efficient, and secure banking interactions. 

Long lines, staffing shortages, and limited access to banking experts during peak hours create customer frustration. Regardless of branch size (micro or full-service) your customers expect to stop at a branch and receive full service. Oftentimes specialists are only in a branch by appointment. This is an inconvenience for the customer, a cause of frustration, dissatisfaction, and potentially a loss of business. Video banking rooms introduce a new scenario where customers can connect with remote experts via secure high-definition video and audio feeds. This virtual interaction allows for real-time assistance with various banking transactions such as mortgages, IRA’s, wealth management, business services, financial planning, and problem resolution that can be available at every branch location when a customer walks in. 

Implementing In-Branch Video Banking

Like an ITM implementation, this solution requires executive commitment and operational support to be effective. Decisions on products to support, appointment making, staff implementation, and training will be required to provide a baseline system that operates smoothly for both employees and customers.  

Careful strategy and planning will be vital for success and should include the following: 

Organizational Buy-In: In-Branch video banking will impact several teams within your organization. Gaining support from leadership and/or the board early in the process will help with setting expectations. Discussions about the budget, services to support, how to staff, and who will manage should be conducted. Considerations should be made for how the plan will impact staff, training, and the current and future branch network. 

Tech Implementation: A variety of external service providers specialize in video banking and can provide the technological infrastructure and organizational considerations to implement a seamless experience. It is critical to engage the IT department before exploring options to identify system requirements, integrations, use of technology options, and limitations. 

Regulatory Compliance: Your in-branch video banking service will need to be secure and meet regulatory requirements. Functions such as video encryption, video recording and storage, identity verification, signature pads, user data, and privacy requirements should all be carefully addressed.  

Staff Planning: When staffing the in-branch video banking rooms, a range of work arrangements can be considered. An expert working in another branch, at a centralized call center, or even from home, can be alerted to the virtual request to meet and stand ready for support.   

Overall Experience: Creating an enjoyable experience for staff will promote adoption within the branches. The less disruption to their workflow, the better. Remote staff members should be dressed professionally and work in a quiet environment to ensure a positive experience on behalf of the customer. On-site staff should be trained to identify the scenarios when video banking is necessary and follow a proper protocol such as walking the customer to the video room, offering water, and providing instructions for use. 

Video Banking Room

Designing for Success

Let’s not forget about designing the room itself. Design standards for the in-branch video banking room will require specialized considerations to create an ideal environment for calls. Proper privacy is paramount, ensuring a secure environment to conduct customer transactions.  The use of partitions, privacy screens, and fogged glass, as well as soundproof walls are options that should be implemented. Sound acoustics are important for privacy as well as preventing an echo effect for both customer and expert. Placement of the monitor(s) and of the peripherals for printer and signature pad should be set in comfortable locations with proper distances, security, and spacing considered.  

These rooms should house a desk or table and several chairs to seat customers comfortably. Choosing the right furniture and layout can give way for multi-functional uses outside of video banking, such as in-person banking or other meetings.  

It’s fair to say these technology-enabled rooms require careful organizational structure and strategy to implement, and that can be daunting. However, the benefits span broader than just offering in-branch video banking. Outside of their intended function, these rooms also: 

  • Enable flexible branch footprints 
  • Enable every branch to be full service 
  • Improve problem resolution 
  • Reduce cost to serve 
  • Provide exceptional customer and staff experience 


Concluding Thoughts

In-branch video rooms represent a significant advancement in the banking industry by offering customers enhanced convenience to interact. By leveraging this technology, financial institutions can bridge physical and virtual experiences, and optimize operational efficiency and resource allocation. As the need to find operational efficiencies and the adoption of technology within banking continues to grow, the role of in-branch video banking rooms is likely to expand. However, it’s critical to note the operational considerations from planning, implementation, and training to ensure long-term success and buy-in within your organization.  

Need help navigating the process to implement an in-branch video room or want to talk about their potential for your organization? The experts at La Macchia Group can help you plan, design, build, and equip your space, and share how financial institutions like yours have successfully implemented them already. 

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