Flexible Spaces and Why They Benefit Financial Institutions

by La Macchia Group

Flexibility for both staff and branch visitors has become more and more necessary over the years with the evolution of work cultures and technology. Understanding the impact that flexibility has on both your consumers and employees can help better your space during a renovation or a new build. Take a look at some of the significant ways La Macchia Group has helped partners create a more flexible environment. 

Hotelling spaces

Hotelling is a workspace management strategy where the staff does not necessarily have assigned office spaces. Instead, they would put a workspace on hold for the times they need to be in the office. This process not only cuts costs for a financial institution’s office space, but it can also help improve employee productivity by allowing them to work in a variety of settings, including working from home.



in-branch video teller rooms

Frequently, specialists are available in a branch only by appointment, leading to unanticipated visitors not receiving the services they expect. However, the introduction of Video Teller Rooms has significantly reduced this issue. These rooms are equipped with secure high-definition video and audio feeds, enabling virtual interactions in real time. This technology allows staff to assist with a range of banking transactions. Now, consumers can access these services at every branch location when they walk in, without the hindrance of specialist location.



Community rooms

While the presence of a community room helps connect your financial institution to the ones who matter most to your branch, these versatile spaces have a huge impact on staff as well. Financial institutions can collaborate with local organizations, schools, or government agencies to host joint events in these community rooms, even financial literacy training can be held in these rooms. It’s also an extra space that can be used for staff collaboration, hoteling space, and more intimate client meetings.



flexible flooring

While the majority of this blog has been based on flexible spaces, there are many build aspects that can be integrated into your financial institution to make the space more flexible, like a floating floor. Raised about 5 inches above the concrete by steel supports, this flooring allows all electrical to be run beneath the flooring. Moving cubicles and offices electrical and data equipment is now as easy as moving a desk or chairs.

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These are just a few ways our partners have started to integrate flexibility in their financial institutions to stay agile in their markets. Recognizing the impact that these changes can have on both consumers and employees is crucial for enhancing your workspace during a renovation or new build project.