5 Examples of Lobby Furniture that Wow

by La Macchia Group

The furniture in your financial institution might be the last thing on your mind while planning a branch renovation or a new branch build. However, these seemingly minor details hold immense potential to elevate the entire experience for your visitors and staff. Imagine a space where every chair, table, and fixture not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to your financial institution's mission. Take a look at some of the financial institutions that put their furniture to good use.

1. Fitzsimons Credit Union

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During their renovation, Fitzsimons Credit Union in Aurora, Colorado, conveyed their desire to integrate their brand throughout their entire branch, even down to the fabric choices in their furniture. The chairs in their member lounge incorporate both their brand colors and sharp lines, mirroring their logo. By incorporating these aspects into something as simple as the and embracing the clean aesthetic of their logo, Fitzsimons Credit Union has created a cohesive and visually appealing environment, while providing a comfortable waiting area.




TopLine Financial Credit Union in Bloomington, Minnesota wanted to use their new branch location, just outside of Mall of America, to be a billboard for their brand. Their use of brightly colored, comfortable furniture provides a trusted feeling in an updated and modern branch. The strategic placement of this furniture within the branch layout enhances the overall member experience. Comfortable seating areas encourage members to linger, fostering a sense of community and engagement. What sets TopLine Financial Credit Union's furniture apart are the design elements that pay homage to their rich brand history. The lines and patterns seen throughout the furniture not only add visual interest but also bring members back to the credit union's charter roots, dedicated to serving the Bell System telephone linemen.




Cattaraugus County Bank in Lakewood, New York was looking to appeal to a more youthful customer-base, while having a strong brand presence in this branch. The design teams achieved this by creating casual, approachable waiting and meeting spaces throughout the building, and integrating the brand throughout every space. The success of this branch layout has a lot to do with their simple and inviting furniture, the sleek feeling allows the branding throughout the lobby to shine through without being overpowered. Positioned correctly, like seen in CCB, lobby furniture can create inviting, and private feeling spaces despite a very open floorplan.




Air Academy Credit Union in Highlands Ranch, Colorado worked with our team to develop a new look for their brand, and got right to work integrating it into their build. A big focus of this build was the strategic integration of furniture that not only aligns with the credit union's new look but also enhances the overall atmosphere of the branch. The neutral wood and bright white surfaces throughout the branch give a clean look to the space, while letting the brand colors shine through the furniture. From comfortable seating options in the member lounge to sleek, modern desks in the service areas, every piece is designed to not only look stylish but also meet the practical needs of both staff and members.



5. First Class Community Credit Union


First Class Community Credit Union approached our design team with a unique challenge – the aftermath of a storm had left their branch in disarray, necessitating a complete interior remodel. The credit union wanted a functional space for members to feel comfortable in, meaning the furniture in the space was very important. Using a large, modular couch to break up the member lounge and the teller line creates a sectioned feel while still maintaining the openness of the lobby. The two tables, one on either end of the couch, act as two distinct areas for member interactions with both staff and amongst themselves.


Although furniture may often be overlooked in the planning stages of a financial institution's branch renovation or new build, its impact should not be underestimated. These details have the potential to significantly enhance the overall experience for both visitors and staff. From incorporating brand colors and logos to designing comfortable and welcoming lounge areas, these branches have demonstrated the transformative power of furniture in shaping the overall atmosphere of a branch.