La Macchia Group Sponsors Tom Miazga at the 2023 WheelWOD Games

by La Macchia Group

La Macchia Group sponsored athlete and Board Member of United Training Foundation, Tom Miazga, at the 2023 WheelWOD Games. Tom was born with Cerebral Palsy and is considered a ‘Seated 2’ athlete. This means he is a wheelchair user that also has some amount of hip function. He is a retired Paralympic swimmer and is also part of the training staff at the Adaptive Training Academy, whose purpose is to train coaches to work with athletes with disabilities. He has been very successful at the WheelWOD Games as he is the 7x reigning world champion.

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The WheelWOD Games

The WheelWOD Games is an adaptive CrossFit competition held for 28 different classifications of disability. It allows athletes of a variety of impairments to compete against their peers with a similar level of function. These athletes vary from neurological conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injuries, to athletes who have missing limbs whether congenital or some sort of injury. This also includes three divisions of seated or wheelchair athletes.

Over a four day competition, the athletes are tested in a variety of ways, including swimming events, long distance runs or wheels, and strength/barbell events. These different types of workouts can also be combined to create hybrid workouts. All events are adjusted on an impairment by impairment basis, with the ultimate goal of each workout looking similar with a similar stimulus to the athlete, while keeping them safe and allowing level competition within their class of disability.

La Macchia Group was honored to take on this opportunity, which had come across when owners Ralph and Mary Lou La Macchia were working with their personal trainer, Jason Olejniczak, Head Coach/Co Owner of Ozaukee Fitness. They had soon found out that Jason was also the President of United Training Foundation, where he introduced them to the opportunity to sponsor Tom Miazga at the WheelWOD Games. La Macchia Group was ecstatic to sponsor Tom at the 11th Season of the WheelWOD Games where he once again took first place in the Seated 2 category. A big congratulations and awesome job to Tom!

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